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English 100 Marks Guess- VVI QUESTIONS | Bihar Board 2020

15-18 Marks Sure(VVI-100 Marks)- JOLLY LIFESTYLE WORLD

VVI-100 Marks- Bihar Board

(1) English is an International Language ¦ or ¦ English is as a world language ¦ or ¦ Write a notes on English as a world language ¦ or ¦ Write a note on Important of English

All are same questions & Only one answer is given below👇
Ans- English is an international language not because it is read and spoken by the largest number of people but also because it is read and spoken in the largest no of countries. It connects to other countries. India is economically a rising country. The knowledge of english is very Important for every Indians. All the works depend upon english like schools, colleges, hospitals, computer, etc. It makes our personility strong. It is the passion of human being. We can't do anything without English.

(2) Periods of English Language

1. Old English
2. Middle English
3. Modern English

1. Old English :- Old English or Anglo Sexon is the earliest historical English. Old English has been taken from Germaine language. Old English was spoken in England. The period of old English was from 1066-1150 A.D. This language was normally reffered by the anglo sexon. So, this was the history of old English.

2. Middle English :- The pride period of middle english is A.D. 1150 to 1500 A.D. This middle english was borrowed a lots of words from french and lattin. These words are related to law, fashion, literature and adminstration. It changed the pronunciation of lone vowels. To the same actend, middle english is very important for us.

3. Modern English :- The period of Modern English is A.D. 1500 onwards now a days. As we know that this is modern era. Everything has changed in our life with the help of modern english. It has become a language of Science, technology and commerce. It is said that one can hate english but one can not ignore english from science and technology. That day is not so far English will be our daily affair.

(3) Some important Questions:-

[A] Who is the father of English?

Ans- Geoffrey Chaucer

[B] Write the name of Modern English Novelist.

Ans- 1) Welles 2) Bennet 3) Conard 4) Kipling 5) D.H. Lawrence

[C] Write the name of Modern English Poet.

Ans- 1) T.S. Eliot 2) W.H. Auden 3) D.H. Lawrence 4) Keki N. Daruwala 5) Philip Larkin

[D] Write the name of English Dramatists and their works?

(a) William Shakespere- {Hemlet and Othelo}
(b) George Bernard Shaw- {Murder in the Cathederal}
(c) Christopher Pry- {Lady's not for Burning}

[E] Write the name of dramatist elements?

Ans- 1) Plot 2) Character 3) Dialouge 4) Gesture 5) Music, etc

(4) Books and their Writers'/ Poets' Name:-

@ Prose-100 Marks

1. Mahatma Gandhi-{Indian Civilization & Culture}
2. Dr. Zakir Hussain-{Bharat is My Home}
3. Manohar Malgonkar-{A Pinch of Snuff}
4. Martin Luther King, Jr.-{I have a Dream}
5. Bertrand Russell-{Ideas That have Helped Mankind}
6. Shiga Naoya-{The Artist}
7. Germaine Greer-{A Child is Born}
8. Dorothy L. Sayers-{How Free is the Press}
9. H.E. Bates-{The Earth}
10. Pearl S. Buck-{India Through the Traveller's Eye}
11. Anton Chekhov-{A Marriage Proposal}

@Poetry-100 Marks

1. John Donne-{Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe}
2. Walt Whitman-{Song of Myself}
3. John Donne-{Now the Leaves are Falling Fast}
4. John Keats-{To Autumn}
5. Walter de la Mare-{An Epitaph}
6. Rupert Brooke-{The Soldier}
7. T.S. Eliot-{Macavity : The Mystery Cat}
8. Keki N. Daruwala-{Fire-Hymn}
9. D.H. Lawrence-{Snake}
10. Kamala Das-{My Grand Mother's House}

(5) Write a Summary any one of the following:

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