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acetic acidCH₃COOH
aluminum carbideAl₄C₃
aluminum chlorideAlCl₃
aluminum hydroxideAl(OH)₃
ammonium carbonate(NH₄)₂CO₃
ammonium cyanideNH₄CN
ammonium hydroxideNH₄OH
ammonium nitrateNH₄NO₃
ammonium oxalate(NH₄)₂C₂O₄
ammonium phosphate(NH₄)₃PO₄
ammonium sulfate(NH₄)₂SO₄
baking sodaNaHCO₃
barium fluorideBaF₂
barium hydroxideBa(OH)₂
barium phosphateBa₃(PO₄)₂
barium sulfideBaS
beryllium chlorideBeCl₂
beryllium nitrateBe(NO₃)₂
boron trichlorideBCl₃
calcium acetateCa(C₂H₃O₂)₂
calcium bromideCaBr₂
calcium carbonate (chalk, pearl)CaCO₃
calcium chlorideCaCl₂
calcium hydrogen carbonateCa(HCO₃)₂
calcium hydroxideCa(OH)₂
calcium iodideCaI₂
calcium nitrideCa₃N₂
calcium oxideCaO
calcium phosphateCa₃(PO₄)₂
calcium sulfideCaS
carbon dioxideCO₂
carbon disulfideCS₂
carbon monoxideCO
carbon tetrachlorideCCl₄
carbonic acidH₂CO₃
cesium oxideCs₂O
cesium sulfideCs₂S
chlorine trifluorideClF₃
chromium(III) hydroxideCr(OH)₃
chromium(III) nitriteCr(NO₂)₃
cobalt(II) hydroxideCo(OH)₂
copper(I) acetateCuC₂H₃O₂
copper(I) oxideCu₂O
copper(I) sulfideCu₂S
copper(II) carbonateCuCO₃
copper(II) hydroxideCu(OH)₂
copper(II) iodideCuI₂
copper(II) nitriteCu(NO₂)₂
copper(II) oxideCuO
copper(II) phosphateCu₃(PO₄)₂
copper(II) sulfateCuSO₄
copper(II) sulfideCuS
dichlorine heptoxideCl₂O₇
dichlorine monoxideCl₂O
dichlorine octoxideCl₂O₈
dihydrogen monoxide (water)H₂O
dinitrogen difluorideN₂F₂
dinitrogen monoxide (laughing gas)N₂O
dinitrogen pentoxideN₂O₅
dinitrogen tetrafluorideN₂F₄
dinitrogen tetrahydrideN₂H₄
dinitrogen tetroxideN₂O₄
dinitrogen trioxideN₂O₃
diphosphorous trioxideP₂O₃
disulfur dichlorideS₂Cl₂
ferric oxideFe₂O₃ (classical name)
ferric sulfateFe₂(SO₄)₃ (classical name)
formic acidHCOOH
hydrobromic acidHBr
hydrochloric acidHCl
hydrocyanic acidHCN
hydrofluoric acidHF
hydrogen peroxideHOOH or H₂O₂
hydroselenic acidH₂Se
hydrosulfuric acidH₂S
hydroxic acid (water)H₂O
iodine dioxideIO₂
iodine heptafluorideIF₇
iron(II) hydroxideFe(OH)₂
iron(II) sulfateFeSO₄
iron(III) acetateFe(C₂H₃O₂)₃
iron(III) carbonateFe(CO₃)₃
iron(III) carbonateFe₂(CO₃)₃
iron(III) chlorideFeCl₃
iron(III) cyanideFe(CN)₃
iron(III) hydroxideFe(OH)₃
iron(III) nitrateFe(NO₃)₃
iron(III) nitrideFeN
iron(III) oxide (hematite)Fe₂O₃
iron(III) phosphateFePO₄
iron(III) sulfateFe₂(SO₄)₃
lead(II) carbonatePbCO₃
lead(II) hydroxidePb(OH)₂
lead(II) nitratePb(NO₃)₂
lead(II) oxidePbO
lead(II) phosphatePb₃(PO₄)₂
lead(II) sulfatePbSO₄
lead(III) chromatePbCrO₄
lead(IV) oxidePbO₂
lithium carbonateLi₂CO₃
lithium cyanideLiCN
lithium fluorideLiF
lithium hydrideLiH
lithium hydrogen sulfateLiHSO₄
lithium hydroxideLiOH
lithium oxideLi₂O
lithium perchlorateLiClO₄
magnesium cyanideMg(CN)₂
magnesium hydrogen carbonateMg(HCO₃)₂
magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia)Mg(OH)₂
magnesium nitrateMg(NO₃)₂
magnesium permanganateMg(MnO₄)₂
magnesium phosphateMg₃(PO₄)₂
magnesium sulfateMgSO₄
magnesium sulfideMgS
mercury(I) bromideHg₂Br₂
mercury(II) oxideHgO
mercury(II) fluorideHgF₂
nitric acidHNO₃
nitrogen dioxideNO₂
nitrogen monoxideNO
nitrogen tribromideNBr₃
nitrogen trichlorideNCl₃
nitrogen triiodideNI₃
nitrous acidHNO₂
perchloric acidHClO₄
permanganic acidHMnO₄
phosphoric acidH₃PO₄
phosphorous acidH₃PO₃
phosphorous pentabromidePBr₅
phosphorous pentachloridePCl₅
phosphorous triiodidePI₃
plaster of ParisCaSO₄ ⋅ 2H₂O
potassium carbonate (potash)K₂CO₃
potassium chlorideKCl
potassium chromateK₂CrO₄
potassium hydrogen phosphatK₂HPO₄
potassium hydrogen sulfateKHSO₄
potassium hydroxideKOH
potassium nitrideK₃N
potassium permanganateKMnO₄
potassium sulfateK₂SO₄
potassium sulfiteK₂SO₃
silicon carbideSiC
silicon dioxideSiO₂
silicon tetrachlorideSiCl₄
silver carbonateAg₂CO₃
silver hydroxideAgOH
silver nitrateAgNO₃
silver oxideAg₂O
silver phosphateAg₃PO₄
sodium bromideNaBr
sodium carbonate (soda or soda ash)Na₂CO₃
sodium chlorateNaClO₃
sodium chloride (table salt)NaCl
sodium chromateNa₂CrO₄
sodium hydrogen phosphateNaH₂PO₄
sodium hydroxideNaOH
sodium hypochlorite (bleach)NaClO
sodium iodideNaI
sodium nitrateNaNO₃
sodium nitrideNa₃N
sodium perchlorateNaClO₄
sodium phosphateNa₃PO₄
sodium phosphiteNa₃PO₃
sodium silicateNa₂SiO₃
sodium sulfateNa₂SO₄
stannous chlorideSnCl₂ (classical name)
strontium acetateSr(C₂H₃O₂)₂
strontium fluorideSrF₂
strontium hydroxideSr(OH)₂
strontium oxideSrO
strontium sulfateSrSO₄
strontium sulfateSrSO₄
sulfur dioxideSO₂
sulfur hexafluorideSF₆
sulfur trioxideSO₃
sulfuric acidH₂SO₄
sulfurous acidH₂SO₃
tetraphosphorous hexoxideP₄O₆
tetraphosphorous trisulfideP₄S₃
tin(II) dichromateSnCr₂O₇
tin(II) fluoride or stannous fluorideSnF₂
tin(II) hydroxideSn(OH)₂
tin(IV) carbonateSn(CO₃)₂
tin(IV) cyanideSn(CN)₄
tin(IV) nitrateSn(NO₃)₄
tin(IV) oxideSnO₂
tin(IV) phosphateSn₃(PO₄)₄
tin(IV) sulfide or stannic sulfideSnS₂
trisilicon tetranitrideSi₃N₄
xenon difluorideXeF₂
zinc iodideZnI₂
zinc oxideZnO
calcium sulfate (blackboard chalk)CaSO₄

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