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UP Board Class 12 English Short Stories Chapter 2 After Twenty Years Questions And Answers Download Free PDF

'After Twenty Years' Short Answer Type Questions

Answer each of the following questions in about 30 words :

Q.1. What was the policeman doing on his beat ? अपनी गश्त पर वह सिपाही क्या क्र रहा था ?

Ans. The policeman was doing patrol duty. He was trying doors to see that they were closed. Sometimes he looked carefully at the road.

Q.2. What was Bob's face like ? How was the face of Bob recognized by the constable in the dark of night ? बॉब का चेहरा कैसा था ? रात के अँधेरे में सिपाही ने बॉब के चेहरे को कैसा पहचान लिया ?
( or  अथवा )
How was the face of  Bob recognized by the constable in the dark of night ? रात के अँधेरे में सिपाही ने बॉब के चेहरे को कैसे पहचान लिया ?

Ans. Bob's face was a pale square-jawed face. There was a little white scar near his right eyebrow. His eyes were keen. It was a face that could be easily recognized. When Bob struck the match to light his cigar the constable recognized his face by the square jaw, keen eyes and the little white scar near his right eyebrow.

Q.3. How many charecters are there in this story ? Who are they ? Out of the two policemen which one is Jimmy ? इस कहानी में कितने पात्र हैं? वे कौन हैं ? दोनों सिपाही में से जिमी कौन-सा है ?

Ans. There are three charecters in this story. They are :

  1. Jimmy Wells, the policeman and Bob's friend whome Bob had come to meet.
  2. Bob and
  3. The plain clothed man who arrested Bob.
The policeman who was on patrol duty is Jimmy.   

Q.4. Who was the man to discover that Bob was wanted by the police ? Point out his source of information. इस तथ्य का पता किसे लगा कि पुलिस को बॉब की तलाश है ? उसे कहां से पता लगा ?

Ans. It was Jimmy Wells who discovered that Bob was wanted by the police. The information that Bob wasw a wanted man had come from Chicago police.

Q.5. How and why did Jimmy get Bob arrested ? जिमी ने बॉब को क्यों और कैसे गिरफ्तार कराया? 

Ans. Bob had come to meet Jimmy. Jimmy was a policeman. He knew that Bob was wanted by the Chicago police, so he got him arrested by another policeman.

Q.6. By whom Bob was wanted by ? Who had sent the plain-clothes man to arrest Bob ? बॉब की तलाश किसे थी ? बॉब को गिरफ्तार करने के लिए सादे वस्त्रों वाले सिपाही को किसने भेजा था ?

Ans. Bob was wanted by the Chicago police. They thought that he had sent the plain-clothed man to arrest Bob. He recognized Bob as the man wanted by the Chicago police but did not like to arrest him. 

Q.7. What is the significance of the title 'After twenty years' ?  शीर्षक  'After twenty years' का क्या महत्व है ?

Ans. The title 'After Twenty Years' shows that everything changes in twenty years. As the plain-clothed man says, "It sometimes changes good man in to a bad one. "The two friends meet after twenty years. All the events of the story occur after twenty years of their promise. So the title is quite befitting and significant.

Q.8. When and where had the two friends parted twenty years ago ? दोनों मित्र बीस वर्ष पहले कब और कहाँ विदा हुए थें ?

Ans. Twenty years ago the friends had parted at ten in the night at the door of 'Big Joe' Brady's resturant in New York.

Q.9. Why did Jimmy not arrest Bob himself ? Who did the task then ?  जिमी ने बॉब को स्वयं गिरफ्तार क्यों नही किया ? तब यह कार्य किसने किया ?

Ans. Jimmy did not arrest Bob himself because after a long time, Bob came to see him as a friend. Another policeman on plain clothes arrested Bob.

Q.10. Why did Jimmy conceal his identity from Bob ? In which city was Jimmy, the policeman, employed ?

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