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What is Motion and its Examples?


A tree is fixed at a place, so we say that it is stationary. Similarly, a house, a school, a factory, electric poles and telephone poles are all stationary objects which remain fixed at a place. On the other hand, a man, animals, birds, cars, buses, trains, ships and aeroplanes, etc., do not remain stationary all the time. They can move from one place to another.

For example, a man moves when he walks along a road, a bird moves when it flies in the sky, a cheetah moves when it runs in the jungle, and a fish moves when it swims in water. Similarly, a car or bus moves on a road, a train moves on the track, a ship moves in water and an aeroplane moves when it flies in air from one place to another. The movement of a body (or object) is called motion.  A common characteristic of  all the moving bodies is that they change their position with time. We can now define motion as follows :

A body said to be in motion (or moving) when its position changesw continuously with respect to a stationary object taken as reference point. 
For example, when the position of a car changes continuously with respect to stationary object like houses and trees, etc., we say that the car is moving or that the car is in motion. 
Let us take an  example to understand the meaning of motion more clealy;

We  see a car at position A in front of a house and a tree at a particular (in this case,the house and tree are the stationary objects which are taken as a reference point). Now, after 5 seconds, we see the same car at position B which is quite far away from the house and the tree  which show in figure.

This means that the position of this car is changing continuously with respect to a a stationary onject, house or tree. So, we say that this car is moving or that this car is in motion. Some other bodies (or objects) around us which show different kinds of motion are : swing (jhoola), merry-go-round, pendulum of a clock, and hands of a watch.

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