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What is Diagonal Relationship and Their Causes

Q. What is Diagonal Relationship and Their Causes ?

Diagonal Relationship

The element of 2nd period have similarty diagonaly with the elements of 3rd period. This relationship is called Diagonal relationship.

Thus the elements of second and third period show different behaviour or anamolous behaviour from owns members and show reletionship diagonaly to each other. This relationship is known as Diagonal relationship.
This relationship can not represented by other period element.

Cause of Diagonal Relationship

On moving left to right polarising power increases due to decrease the atomic size and down the group in a periodic table polarising power decreases due to increase the atomic size. Therefore the net effect have similarty with diagonaly and nearly the same Periodic properties like electronegativity electron affinity, ionisation patential etc.
Therefore elements have similarty with the diagonaly elements of third period.

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