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CBSE Class 10th Science Multiple Choice Questions Life Process Quiz

1.  The chlorophyll in photosynthesis is used for
        I.   Absorbing light
      II.   Breaking down water molecule
     III.   No function
     IV.   Reduction of CO2
2.  Proteins after digestion are converted into
        I.   Carbohydrates
      II.   Small globules
     III.   Amino acids
     IV.   starch
3.  Carbohydrates in the plants are stored in the form of

        I.   Glycogen
      II.   Starch
     III.   Glucose
     IV.   Maltose
4.  Main site of photosynthesis
        I.   Leaf
      II.   Stem
     III.   Chloroplast
     IV.   Guard cells
5.  The small pores present of leaf’s surface are called
        I.   Stomata
      II.   Chlorophyll
     III.   Guard cells
     IV.   None of these
6.  Photosynthesis is a
        I.   Catabolic process
      II.   Parabolic process
     III.   Amphibolic process
     IV.   Photochemical lprocess
7.  Opening and closing of pores is a function performed by
        I.   Stomata
      II.   Chlorophyll
     III.   Chloroplast
     IV.   Guard cells
8.  Which element is used in the synthesis of proteins?
        I.   Hydrogen
      II.   Oxygen
     III.   Nitrogen
     IV.   Carbon dioxide
9.  Temporary finger like extensions on amoeba are called
        I.   Cell membrane
      II.   Cell wall
     III.   Pseudopodia
     IV.   Cilia
10.  Bile juice is secreted by
        I.   Stomach
      II.   Pancreas
     III.   Small intestine
     IV.   Liver
11.  Which of these juices is secreted by pancreas?
        I.   Trypsin
      II.   Pepsin
     III.   Bile juice
     IV.   Both I and II
12.  Lipase acts on
        I.   Amino acids
      II.   Fats
     III.   Carbohydrates
     IV.   All of these
13.  Respiratory pigment in human body is
        I.   Chlorophyll
      II.   Water
     III.   Blood
     IV.   haemoglobin
14.  Blood consist of what fluid medium?
        I.   Lymph
      II.   Platelets
     III.   Plasma
     IV.   All of these
15.  One cell-thick vessels are called
        I.   Arteries
      II.   Veins
     III.   Capillaries
     IV.   Pulmonary artery

     1.     I
     2.     III
     3.     II
     4.     III
     5.     I
     6.     IV
     7.     IV
     8.     III
     9.     III
     10.  IV
     11.  IV
     12.  II
     13.  IV
     14.  III
     15.  III

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