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The Characters of David Copperfield Novel-50 Marks

The Characters of David Copperfield Novel-50 marks, 50 Marks enhlish(Bihar Board), Jolly Lifestyle World, Bulls Eye
The Characters in David Copperfield Novel
  1. David Copperfield--------Master David Copperfield's Father
  2. Aunt Besty Trotwood---------------David Copperfield's Aunt
  3. Clara Copperfield---------Master David Copperfield's Mom
  4. Peggotty--------------------David Copperfield's maid-servant
  5. Mr Edward Murdstone---David Copperfield's step-father
  6. Tommy Traddles----------Master David's friend
  7. James Strarfourth---------Master David's friend
  8. Mr Wilkins Micawber---Master David's elder friend
  9. Master David Copperfield-- The main character David Copperfield's son
  10. Mr Daniel Peggotty------Peggotty's brother
  11. Mr Gummidge------------Mr Peggotty's friend's widow
  12. Ham------------------------Mr Peaggotty's nephew
  13. Miss Jain Murdstone-----Mr Murdstone's sister
  14. Little Em'ly----------------Mr Peggotty's brother-in-law's daughter(Saale ki beti)
  15. Mr Crekle------------------The Principal of Salen House
  16. Mr Barkis------------------ Horse's Cart rider(Tanga Wala)
  17. Mr Queeneen------------- The Manager of Wine Factory
  18. Misses--------------------- Not found in the book
  19. Jainait----------------------Aunt Besty's maid-servant
  20. Mr Dick--------------------Aunt Besty's orphaned relatives
  21. Mr Wickfield-------------Agnes's Father
  22. Dr Strong------------------The Principal of Canterbury School
  23. Mr Chillip-----------------A Doctor
  24. Misses Croop-------------A room owner
  25. Dora------------------------Spainlo's daughter
  26. Mr Spainlo----------------Dora's Father
  27. Uriah Heep----------------Mr. Wickfield's Clerk
  28. Agnes----------------------Mr Wickfield's Daughter
  29. Martha Endell------------Em'ly's friend
  30. Agnes---------------------David's second wife
  31. Misses Emma Micawber-Mr Micawber Wife
  32. C. Peggotty---------------Mr Barkis's Wife
  33. Mr Creakle---------------A ruthless headmaster
  34. Jane------------------------Murdstone's Sister
  35. Clara Peggotty------------David's Early Nurse
  36. Robert Lynd---------------Great Humourist
  37. Mr Creakle----------------David School's Principal

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