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David Copperfield Novel-Summary, Objective & Online Test

"David Copperfield Novel"- Summary
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Pages624 (first book edition)
Page count624 (first book edition)
GenresBildungsroman, Künstlerroman

David Copperfield is a tragic and wonderful novel written by Charles Dicken. He was the well-known novelist of England. His father died six(6) months after the birth of David. So, the life of his mother Clara became a blank paper. She wept bitterly in remember of her husband. Afterwards, she married to Mr Murdstone. Mr Murdstone was David's stepfather. He was a cruel-hearted person. He tortured and chided David in many ways. He sent David in a boarding school of Mr Creakle. He was also a cruel person. He punished David in many ways but he did not leave the boarding school. Suddenly David's mother dies and departs from this world forever. It was a great shock for David.
                         At last, he left boarding school and joined in a very dirty wine factory of Micawber at the age of ten. He was a kind person. David started living with Micawber and his family members. Once a day, the police arrested Micawber and sent to debtor's prison during a case. So, David left that dirty wine factory and wandered here and there in search of food. On that time, his aunt Betsey adopted David. In this way, David became a well-known person. Afterwards, he fell in love with Dora. She was a beautiful lady. She looked like Helen. She sang French and also played on the guitar. At last, David married to Dora but suddenly Dora dies soon and departs from this world forever. It was a great shock for David. He wept bitterly in remember of his Dora. On that time, Agnes consoled him. She told that man is a traveller and the world is just like a stage. Man plays all roles on the stage of the world.
                          There are two banks in human life death and birth. We should taste the real power of life. At last his second marriage ceremony held with Agnes. This is a short account of David Copperfield Novel.

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