Hindi Notes


The author decides to have a pen Pal: 

The author was a 21-years old college student. He was reading a popular Bombay magazine one day. On one page he saw addresses of young people from all over the world who wanted pen-friends from India. It was the fashion to have pen-friends. Boys and girls of his class received letters from their pen- friends. He decided to try.
Beginning of the correspondence: 

He selected the address of Alice H. in Los Angeles, California. He bought an expensive writing pad of pink sheets. He knew the girls love pink letters. He wrote Aa small letter and posted it. He was nervous all through. The reply came. 
Alice had not asked for a friend. But she was glad to hear from him and agreed to be his friend.

Their letters : 
The author was very happy to receive the letter from Alice.  Now they wrote letters to each other. He was sentimental and shy.  He also felt some romance. Alice wrote long letters. She sent him books, magazines and small keepsakes. He thought that she was rich and beautiful.

The important question : 
He wanted to know her age, but it would be impolite to ask her. So he thought of a plan. 
He asked for her picture. Alice replied that she had no picture just then but she might send one some day.

Time passes :
As time passed their correspondence give irregular. For about 20 years they wrote to each other. 
He grew older, got a job and a wife and children, they hoped to meet Alice one day.

A new letter :
One day the author received a large packet. It was from the home-town of Alice but the handwriting, though feminine, was not hers. Perhaps it was a new friend.

All about Alice :

The writer of this new letter was closed friend of Alice H. Alice had died in a car accident. He was 78 and could not see the first speeding car.
She was alone and always helped others, both seen and unseen, far and near.  She had been happy to receive letters from him.

The photograph : 

In that letter there was a photograph of Alice. She had requested her friend to send it to the author only after her death. Her face and beauty and compassion in it. He felt that he would have tenderly loved the face of the old woman even when he was a shy college boy.

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